It’s often hard to tell whether garage doors scream to get some care or need replacement. One common territory here is that they will make their presence noticeable no matter how hard you are trying to overlook some tiny problems here and there or ignore noises. Of course, you don’t need to jump into conclusions every time the overhead garage door won’t close well or the springs break.

The signs screaming for garage door replacement are entirely different. They entail permanency of problems and concerns that relate to your safety and security. In any other case, all signs are merely a cry out for garage door repair.

7 signs it’s time for garage door replacement

1. The utility bills go up

When bills suddenly hit the roof, there is always a culprit. It might be something entirely different – from a leaking ac to old appliances but oftentimes, the garage door is to blame. That happens when residential garage doors are not insulated or are extensively damaged leaving tiny gaps that compromise the indoor air and thus your pocket.

2.  Energy efficiency goes down

If your overhead door is old, it’s most likely not insulated. Even if you have used an off-the-self kit to insulate it yourself, it won’t do the job as well as the real thing. So, if you feel the temperature differences in the garage, lose energy, or simply want an insulated garage door, it’s time to plan replacement.

3.  Garage door repairs don’t solve the problem

Let’s examine this issue from a different angle. You need to schedule garagegarage_door_fresh_installation door service every time you face problems. So far all is good. But one day, you discover that the cables keep coming off, the opener needs adjustments all the time, the overhead door is too noisy and won’t quiet down even with lubricants – you get the picture. These are problems that can be fixed but when there are too many, it’s a sign that the door is too old, tired, and ready to retire.

4.  It costs more than it serves

When you have too many garage door repairs to do, they start costing you too much. It’s one thing to fix the bent tracks one time and replace the broken spring at a later time and a different story to encounter one problem after the other. When the garage door consumes too much of your time and above all, too much of your money, it’s in your best interest to invest in a new one instead.

5.  The panels are damaged

garage replacementThe panels become damaged for all sorts of reasons. Naturally, wood garage doors might warp after a very long time. Aluminum doors might get dented. Steel doors might be corroded. And these are only the indications of old age. Panels are also damaged when garage door springs or cables suddenly snap. Or when any problem with the parts makes the door crash down. Or when someone hits the panels with the car. Although some panel problems can be fixed, panel replacement is not always the best solution. If the garage door company cannot find the perfect match for you, it’s better to replace the door.

6.  Garage doors don’t meet your expectations

Things don’t stay the same. Garage door openers become more and more innovative. Garage door styles, designs, and materials get better too. And your needs change as well. And so, you might decide that an energy efficient garage door will be best for your family. The local weather conditions might force you into deciding to get a hurricane garage door. You might want to switch from two single to one double garage door. To make a long list shorter, sometimes your needs lead your decisions. Let them take the lead if it’s in your best interest.

7.  Vulnerable to potential force entry

With a new opener, your electric garage door will resist potential intrusions and provide better protection. There is no doubt about that. But before you invest in such projects, check the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of the door and its mechanical parts too. If most parts are old, rusty or sort of damaged and the door is not in its best shape, you’d be better off with a brand new door instead of only a new garage door opener installation. Check and think about it.