What makes hurricanes really dangerous is the speed of winds. What makes garage doors the most vulnerable part in the house is their large size. During a hurricane or fierce storm, the high wind might break trees or branches. Debris and elements fly and might strike against any surface. The largest the surface the biggest the possibility of damage. That’s why oversized and double-car garage doors are inclined to break easier than single panel ones. And that’s the first thing you should keep in mind when you are considering garage door replacement in hurricane prone areas. A double door is always a bigger hazard.


Which garage door parts go down faster?

  • Garage door tracks

Although all garage door tracks are made of steel, some are stronger than others. It depends on whether or not this is a low-gauge steel – the lowest the stronger. When the tracks are not very strong, they are more susceptible to damage. Whether or not they will be blown away depends on their bolts. And this brings us to another group of parts that are prone to damage.

  • Bolts, hinges and fasteners

Bolts, hinges and fastenersThe tracks must be secured with extra strong bolts so that they will remain intact during a storm or hurricane. This stands true for any part too. All parts are somehow secured to the wall, sides, frame, or on other parts with fasteners which must be very strong to stand the impact. The same goes for the hinges, which connect the rollers and the door or keep the panels of sectional doors together. If they are damaged, loose, rusty or not durable, the sectional door will come apart and the wind will find its way to the house.

  • Garage door rollers

The garage door rollers will get damaged when the tracks fall out of alignment or get ruined during the storm. So their condition depends on whether or not the pre-mentioned parts (tracks & fasteners) are strong enough to stand the impact of the wind. If the hinges connecting the rollers to the door are damaged, the rollers will get damaged too.

  • Garage door springs

Whether you have torsion or extension springs, they get dam

aged when the storm enters the garage or the garage door is open during the storm. In such cases, springs will most likely break.

  • Garage door openers

Your garage door opener might get damaged if there is a problem with the electricity or flood. Since this is an electric unit, it might be affected by the increased humidity. Of course, if the door is open during the storm or opens during the hurricane, the unit might be blown off – especially if it’s not secured right.

This brings us to the conclusion that the most important thing to do to avoid garage door damage and thus home damage is to pay attention to the fasteners. If the garage door parts are secured with strong fasteners, they won’t move easily. Of course, there is a lot more you can do to protect your garage door during hurricanes. And one of these things is to invest in durable materials and do the necessary garage door repairs to fix damage. This way you’ll be prepared.