Many homeowners don’t give much thought to the aesthetics of their garage door; most barely use their garage to begin with. As much as this is an injustice to such a crucial element of a home, it is also a disservice to the overall aesthetic of a home. Think about it—would you want a dingy, faded, and uninspiring garage door to greet guests whenever they approach your home? It would be much better to greet them with a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing garage door that complements the overall charm of your home.

It’s finally time to upgrade your garage door’s look and transform it into a statement piece that does just this. In this blog, we can show you some of the many types of garage door styles and materials that will elevate your home. With the changes you make, your garage door will become a focal point that complements your home’s architecture and boosts its curb appeal.

4 Types of Garage Door Styles and Materials

Exploring the various types of garage door styles and materials can be exciting. Any of the following four choices will turn your garage door into a captivating centerpiece.

Raised Panel Garage Doors

Are you someone who enjoys the finer things in life? To complement your refined taste, a fitting choice for your garage door upgrade would be raised panel garage doors. This door is a timeless classic, with a series of raised rectangular panels that work well with a variety of architectural styles. With this sophisticated garage door, the ambiance of your home will perfectly align with your personality.

Contemporary Aluminum Garage Doors

If you prefer something more subtle, while still maintaining that level of sophistication, then contemporary aluminum garage doors are right up your alley. This garage door goes the minimalistic route, offering a sleek, modern design with a minimalist charm. The combination of aluminum’s lightweight strength and clean lines creates a look that’s both sophisticated and innovative.

Carriage House Doors

For the history buffs out there who are infatuated with the nostalgia of the past, carriage house doors will make it feel like you’ve traveled back in time. You will get to savor all the best parts of these doors while still enjoying modern features that make life more convenient. You can even choose between swing-out or sliding barn-style doors to capture the essence of that rustic aesthetic you know and love. These garage doors offer unparalleled charm, drawing inspiration from their horse-drawn carriage days.

Custom Wood Garage Doors

You can never go wrong with the ol’ reliable, wooden garage doors. Not only do these doors offer that welcoming, cozy warmth any homeowner would want for their home; but they also give you the opportunity to customize them however you please. From the rich grains of mahogany to the rustic charm of cedar, your choice will quickly elevate the curb appeal of your home, adding a touch of natural elegance.

Types of Garage Door Styles and Materials

Choose The Perfect Garage Door Style For Garage Door Services And Repair To Maintain

With all of this information ready to burst, it’s finally time to make your decision. You’re in no rush, so take your time and explore the many other types of garage door styles and materials available. There are many more that could fit your personality perfectly and help you achieve just the look you’ve been in search of.

Just be sure to lean on Garage Door Services and Repair if you ever need any assistance. We will not only help with the installation, but we will ensure your new garage door looks its best for years to come with our maintenance services. Give us a call whenever you need assistance, and you can be sure our expert team will come running right away.