Let’s start with a fact. Most garage doors today are automatic. In other words, they work with an electric opener. Here’s another fact. When the garage door stops working, there is more than one reason for the problem. Simply put, it’s not always the opener’s fault.

Naturally, when there’s a problem with the automatic garage door operation, the culprit is one of the opener’s components (reverse system, motor, gears, sensors, etc.). So far, so good!

Now, the hard part is to recognize if the garage door or the opener got to the point of its lifespan that cannot be efficiently repaired. And we are about to help you do just that. Recognize the reasons for some problems and decide whether it’s time for garage door or garage door opener replacement.

When it’s time for garage door replacement

Some garage door problems are expected to happen over the years. Most issues occur when the parts wear or break. They may also happen when the parts are not suitable for the garage door or not installed correctly. But most of these problems are solved with garage door repairs.

Alas! You don’t have to replace the garage door every time it breaks down.

But you need to find a garage door replacement if most parts are very old Garage Door Replacement vs Makeoverand damaged. How old is your garage door? If you have already celebrated its 20th or 30th birthday and shows signs of wear, it’s time to start looking for a new one.

Attention! More often than not, the garage door off tracks is not a sign to start shopping. It’s a sign that there’s a need for repair. But when the garage door panels are severely damaged, that’s a sign to take seriously. If your wood garage door is warped or cracked, it should be replaced.

Of course, you can have the garage door replaced for entirely different reasons. For example, if you want to buy an insulated garage door. Or if you want to make some construction work in the garage and get a bigger overhead door. Or if you like to sell the house and gain more due to this upgrade.

When it’s time for garage door opener replacement

garage_door_service-opener2Garage door openers last for quite a few years, but not forever. Once again, you don’t replace the opener just because it caused a problem. If the electric garage door stops running or refuses to close down, you just need to call a tech. If the motor makes noises or the chain is sagging, you just need garage door opener repair. But if you encounter problems often and especially if also the opener has already exceeded its life expectancy, it’s time to consider getting a new one.

In some cases, it’s smart to start looking for a garage door opener replacement even if you don’t face serious problems. You see, if you get a high-quality, heavy-duty opener and keep the garage door in good shape or don’t use it very often, you won’t have many problems. All the same, the technology of today is not the same as the technology of yesterday. Even if you don’t care to get a smart garage door opener, you might need to enhance security. And the new openers have so much more to offer than their predecessors. So, that’s one more reason for investing in a new garage door opener installation.

Pay attention to the garage door opener problems. If one component (sensors, motor, etc.) starts causing troubles one after the other and the opener is rather old, don’t wait. It’s a sign to get a new one.