The 2019 garage door trends are exciting because they combine the comfort of new technology with the vintage of old classics and the sleek elegance of modern elements. How do all these fit in one equation? Well, that’s the beauty of our all-permitted age. Modern architecture has gone bold just like the color options but without disregarding the timeless charm of some vintage elements. So, if you are planning to invest in garage door installation in 2019, these are the trends you want to take into account.

Garage door insulation for enhanced comfort

Energy efficient garage doors are not a new trend. But the eco-friendly tendency is still on the top of the 2019 list. This year, the goal is to get garage doors with low U-value and high R-value. You can also invest in recycled materials and composite garage doors. Why composite? Because there’s hardly a need for garage door maintenance. Since composite doors weigh less than wood ones, their parts don’t need replacement often and cost less. Such facts cut down energy.

Automatic garage door operation at its smartest

The garage door opener industry has already made a U turn and became smarter during the last years. This year, more and more automatic garage doors are expected to work with a Wi-Fi. So, it’s not only about opening and closing the garage door from afar with apps but also using the Wi-Fi and smart phone to open and close the door and entering deeper into the home automatic world. All in all, the garage door technology trends work in favor of our comfort too.

Vintage garage door styles are back in townwooden_garage_door

Lately, the carriage house garage doors have become very trendy. This was the result of the effort to show some appreciation to the elegance of wood and the very first garage door carriage doors. The difference now is that the wood garage doors might be made of composite materials and work as overhead doors. But they still bring the vintage charm of the very first styles on board.

A combination of old and new garage door elements

Today, the possibilities are endless. The 2019 trend is to get custom garage doors and mix materials and style ideas to meet the home’s appeal. There is a tendency for people to choose synthetic materials since they are more lightweight and easy to maintain, but also add anything from decorative hardware to big or small windows in all sorts of configurations. Glass garage doors are also popular this year since the abundance in glass panel options and colors and the sturdy aluminum frame both make them trusted and a good solution for brighter spaces.

Forget boring colors. Go bold!

The 2019 colors are bold. Black garage doors are very fashionable while the color list includes anything that will make a statement and won’t be boring. White is out unless is decorated with wooden trims while the color range is unlimited – from red to blue and yellow. Now, the fact alone that the vintage elegance of wood doors is back in vogue highlights a tendency towards the natural wood. But here we are talking about handcrafted pieces that will make a difference due to their warmth and not color.