garage door maintenanceWondering about the benefits of garage door maintenance? We will tell you. But first let us take you back to the day when you first installed your garage door. What was your intention? Surely, you needed a door to cover the big garage opening. But why did you search and ask around? Weren’t you trying to find the best solution in terms of security and resistance? Didn’t you insist of getting a garage door opener with all the required safety features?

Why did you buy a garage door?

So let us remind you: you wanted a garage door to keep your property secure and still remain functional and provide safety for many years. After all, garage door replacement doesn’t come cheap! But once you got it, you cleaned once, admired it a couple of times, and then forgot all about it! Until one day it broke down.

Garage door repair is always necessary

maintananceAnd let us make one more point here. There will always be a need for garage door repair. Why? Anything can go wrong! You could back with the car and hit the panel or the track. Springs break. Weather seals wear. Cables come off drums. The door jams. The pulleys snap. Should we go on? Your overhead door experiences the weather just like you do. It is affected by moisture and might crack or corrode. Too much sun or too much condensation will confuse the sensors. Dust alone can make them reverse the door when there is no reason to.

What happens when garage doors break down?

The consequences? The door won’t move smoothly. In fact, it will be noisy and chances are that it will jam. Your safety will be questioned along with your security. Indoor temperatures will change and the whole property will be affected. And such problems translate in high costs not only in garage door repair services but also in energy and hassle.

Still thinking of the garage door service benefits?

Want more reasons why garage door maintenance service is important? Think of your house’s curb appeal. With the door cracked or half open, aesthetics will be an issue. If you want to increase home value, you need to have a well maintained door. For commercial properties, things are even more serious. It’s not accidental that garage doors are simply referred as commercial doors. They open straight to the business area. So everything you keep in there will be at stake. If your goods must remain at specific temperatures, you risk ruining them. If you must make urgent deliveries or offer rescue services, your vehicle might not come out if the garage door won’t open all the way.

The pros of garage door maintenance

What happens during a routine garage door service? Inspection, repair work, lubrication, adjustments, and tightening of all fasteners. The balance of the door along with its force and travel limit are also tested and accordingly adjusted. At the end of the day, you have a garage door which:

  • Runs smoothly
  • Gives you no problems during operation
  • Provides security
  • Moves safely
  • Enhances energy efficiency

And when all work well, the garage system lasts much longer and spares you the cost of new garage door installation.