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Garage Door Lock Houston

If you like to add a garage door lock in Houston, Texas, talk with our staff. It’s smart to have the biggest door at your home locked with an actual deadbolt. When it comes to commercial properties, the enhanced protection of valuables and goods is all every business wants. But you will need the help of a technician to check your door and focus on the opener to see if it’s compatible with the available automatic garage door locks on the market. Call our staff here at GDS Repair and a rep will assist you at once.

Call for an automatic garage door lock in Houston

Locking garage doors and hence protecting the property is a tempting idea for everyone. It doesn’t cost much and won’t only secure better the garage but also build-up your confidence. Today, most modern garage door openers have a lock mode which is useful when you go away. This opener lock keeps the door from opening with a remote. But at times, there is a need for products that can provide extra security. That’s where an extra garage door lock becomes a valuable addition.

Chamberlain/Liftmaster garage door locks

Garage Door Service and Repair Inc can help with such projects. We won’t only send out a pro to check the opener and provide quotes, but will arrange the installation of your garage door deadbolt. Liftmaster is one of the manufacturers that have introduced an automatic garage door lock on the market. It works in tandem with the opener and the pro will tell you which models are compatible.

With a new automatic garage door lock, your overhead door locks automatically every single time it closes. The deadbolt makes a distinctive sound so that you can be sure that the door is locked. When you want to open the door, the lock disengages as soon as the opener is activated. If you own or want to get a smartphone enabled opener, you will be able to monitor the status of your door from anywhere and secure the garage door from afar.

Today, there are several security solutions for any and all garages. If you want to see what you can do to secure yours, give us a call. Your Houston garage door lock can be installed by a pro at the time and day convenient to you.