2 to 1 Garage Door Conversion

2 Garage Doors to 1 Conversion Houston

Need 2 garage doors to 1 conversion in Houston, Texas? You will need our help. With hands-on experience in all garage doors & services, our company will be your partner during such difficult projects. It’s not easy turning 2 garage doors into 1. It takes detailed planning, a thorough inspection of the garage, permits, and expert work to complete the job right and ensure the new double door and the entire garage is safe. Trust that Garage Door Service and Repair Inc is very experienced in such projects and only sends out qualified & certified pros.

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If you have decided to convert a standard 2 car garage to a single door, you will need our assistance. You most likely prefer to have one double garage door instead of two single doors. Sometimes, this is the only solution when your new vehicle hardly passes through the opening or doesn’t go through at all. Or when you get a second car and prefer to have ample space instead of trying to fit it through a single door.

We use techs that can convert 2 single garage doors to 1 properly

Well-versed and experienced, the pros sent by our GDS Repair are able to examine your garage and tell you which the right solutions are. Converting 2 single garage doors into 1 door is not a one-man job either. It requires the expertise of engineers and construction experts along with garage door pros since the structure must be checked for its stability once the center pillar is removed. As soon as the structure is checked and the permits are obtained, the techs won’t take long to complete the service.

Turning 2 garage doors into 1 requires expertise. Call us

What they need to do is remove the center column of a two-car garage and replace the 2 single doors with 1 double door. The pros take all necessary precautions and support the structure with a reinforced steel joist. The new door is installed correctly along with its parts and the new opener. When you are converting 2 garage doors into 1 door, the motor must be stronger and the springs must be right since the door now is much heavier.

You can trust that our company is an expert in such services. We will help you pick the new door based on your needs and send professionals with experience in 2 garage doors to 1 conversion in Houston. Contact us now if you need to find out more.