When we think of impact-rated garage doors, only technical things come to mind – anything from braces and wind loads to tracks. And this thought mistakenly lead us to believe that such garage doors lack interest and beauty, while the truth is completely different. Just because the garage door’s structure is reinforced, it doesn’t mean that its appearance will be revolting. As a matter of fact, you cannot really tell if an overhead garage door is reinforced or not. No wonder people who move to new residences, where there’s already a garage door, don’t know how to make sure it is impact-resistant.

Although looking into garage door designs is not your prime concern when seeking reinforced systems, the possibilities are truly endless. Think about it. Whether or not the garage door is reinforced, it cannot be seen. And what makes an impression is the appearance of the garage door. Right?

What affects the appearance of the garage door?

impact resistant garage doors Since the difference between having an ugly and a beautiful garage door lies on its appearance, consider the factors that influence this element. Isn’t it the material, the windows configuration, the color, the hardware? We would all agree that when these elements are to our liking so is the garage door. Agreed?

Now, the good news is that the integrity of the garage door doesn’t affect its elegance. Why are we stuck believing that impact resistant garage doors miss charm? Because up until recently there were not many options, even in regard to the components used for the reinforcement of the garage door.

When we go shopping for a hurricane garage door, we are asked to think in technical terms. We need to determine the exposure of the home and its structure (one-story or two-story), to check the local building codes, to see what’s the minimum wind speed the garage door must meet, to find the required wind pressure. Only then can we start talking about the design of the wind load garage door.

Impact-rated hurricane garage doors are made to meet all the above requirements, per case. That’s why they are custom made. They are also tested for their resistance against winds, wind pressures, impact. Everything required for a specific geographic area and depending on what the customer needs. And so, matters related to the garage door’s appearance are left for last. And that’s normal if you consider the importance of wind load garage doors, but that doesn’t mean that they lack beauty.

Beauty and resistance in one garage door

residential garage doorsYou can choose wood or steel garage doors, any color, hardware of your liking and such options won’t affect the resistance of the structure. What’s important in order to feel assured about the resistance of the garage door is to get strong parts. To be sure the garage door has struts, low-gauge brackets and tracks, durable springs, strong rollers. But don’t all residential garage doors have the same parts – regardless of the steel gauge or the size of the rollers?

You can still order your custom garage door blue, black, white, cream – any color you like. And you can add beautiful accessories. As for the garage door windows, you don’t only place them in any configuration you like but can be sure that they are impact-rated too. So, you don’t have to miss having windows – plain long, with or without grilles, short and plain. Any style too – colonial, cathedral, simple.

By occupying quite some space, the garage door does influence the home’s curb appeal. And although what’s hidden from the visitor’s eye is purely technical and has to do with the strength of the garage door tracks, springs, braces – all features necessary for wind/impact resistance, the appearance is different. It can be smooth, inviting, elegant all due to the nice color, the beautiful hardware, the tidy space all around it, a style that will naturally blend into the home style. You can complement with accessories, bring in contrasting colors, or play safe within the boundaries of monochromatic schemes without all these steps affecting the resistance of the garage door. You just need to remember that all that need some care to keep the garage door both resistant and charming.