In an effort to increase the curb appeal and thus the value of our home, most of us pay attention to materials and designs when looking for new garage doors. And that’s natural. The overall beauty of the door designed and colored to match the architectural structure of the house makes a difference to the outcome. Enhancing aesthetics is one of the reasons why most people would start looking for new garage door installation options.

But how about the security the door provides? How about our safety? These are even more important matters when it comes to this complex, electric system. So whirling about the same old questions on whether to choose wood or steel garage doors has a meaning up to a point. The rational way of choosing the best garage door is to broaden your horizons and see what else such doors offer today.


The 9 most crucial garage door questions to ask yourself


1. Which door do I need?

Pay attention to the type of door – in other words, the way it opens. The most popular types are overhead, one-piece, and roll up garage doors. You need to take measurements to ensure the door you choose is a perfect fit or it won’t open right.


2. Which spring is ideal for the new door?springs

The size and material and thus weight of the door will determine which
torsion or extension garage door springs you need. They must also be tensed properly during installation. If you get extension springs, install safety cables too to make sure you are safe.


3. Which opener to get?

The garage door opener’s power is equally important. Average size residential doors will most likely work fine with ½ motors. The heavier they are, the stronger the motor should be. Check your options, but it’s often preferable to get DC openers these days.


4. Should the door have windows?pink-garage

Garage door windows add beauty and hence extra value to your home. But pay attention! Most windows are made of plain glass and acrylics and so they will compromise energy efficiency. Make sure they are sealed well.


5. What will affect the energy efficiency of my garage?

Apart from windows, energy is lost through gaps all around the door. So you must make sure garage door installation is done right and there are weather strips installed at the top, side, and bottom parts of the door.


6. Should I get insulated garage doors?

This is a great idea for garages attached to homes. An energy efficient door will reduce energy costs and allow you to spend time in the garage without freezing. Get high R-values (around r-12 is usually fine) and low U-values. They both determine the door’s energy efficiency.


7. Do I need windload doors?singel-door

The parts of windload doors are usually made of low-gauge steel, which makes them more durable. The door itself is reinforced. Windload doors are tested for wind impact and so they withstand storms and hurricanes. Hence, it depends on your location.


8. Should I get a door with tamper-resistant parts and pinch protection sections?

Today, more and more doors are made of such parts to increase safety and thus minimize accidents. They are a great choice especially if there are kids and pets in the house.


9. Which material will be best for me?

And here we are talking about the material. What you choose has to do with your answer to some of the above questions. For example, if you want insulated doors, don’t get wood garage doors. Prefer steel or aluminum ones. If you like the looks of wood, prefer composite doors. Some of them have a layer of wood on the top but are actually made of steel. So they are stronger and can be insulated.