Evaluating the condition of garage doors after a hurricane is vital. Their large opening is the reason why they are prone to wind damage but can also become a reason for accidents. When hurricanes strike, not all areas in a region are affected the same way. When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, the Houston area suffered the consequences of a strong storm leaving the city flooded. But increased levels of water and high winds can also cause significant garage door damage. It’s important to check your overhead garage door in order to diagnose and fix its problems before you even use it.

Why garage door inspection and repair is important after hurricanes

Even if you own a wind load garage door, you must check it. Even if yourgarage_door_pushed_in garage door is still standing and doesn’t seem to be affected by the high winds, its parts might suffer damage. Worn parts will keep the door from performing right posing a threat to your safety. If the door seems to go up and down fine, some fasteners will still need tightening. The pressure caused by the strong wind might have loosened them up. The force of the wind and the flying debris might have caused some panel damage. If the door has been exposed to high water levels, it should be lubricated so that it will move smoothly.

During storms, the power often goes out. This can cause some garage door opener damage. At the very least, the remote control might have been affected. But often, the power outlet might be ruined too.

In short, what you need to do is check the door. Whether you own a sectional or roll up garage door, it makes no difference. They are all somehow affected by such strong storms and should be checked thoroughly.

How to diagnose garage door problems

  • Since the flood can cause opener problems, check the garage door clicker. If it doesn’t work, the easy solution would be to reprogram it. If it still doesn’t work, reset the system from the power outlet unless the area is wet. In this case, avoid contact and call a professional.
  • If the lights are flashing when the door moves or the door seems to operate in a strange way, you will still need a tech to check the garage door motor.
  • One of the first parts to check is the panel. Even if the other parts are not damaged by the wind, the flying debris might have ruined the panel.
  • Try using the door as you normally do. Is it noisier than usually? Does it fail to go all the way up? Check the garage door tracks. They might have fallen out of alignment.
  • If so far everything seems fine, it’s time to check the garage door springs. To do that, disengage the opener and open the door till your waist. If you can’t lift it, the spring is most likely broken. If you can lift the door manually but it would slide back down, the springs need adjustment.

Don’t forget that garage door problems might cause safety risks. If you notice even minor problems, call a technician. It’s best to have a pro over to inspect the door and do the required garage door repairs.