garage-doorsWhy is it important to choose the right garage doors? The main reason for devoting time in garage door hunting is your security. It has to do with the quality of the door, its opener, and garage door installation. If the door is not strong enough, the motor is not powerful enough and the installation is not done correctly, you will make your property a great target for thieves. And that’s not what you plan when you are trying to find the right overhead or roll up door for either your home or commercial property.

And that’s not all! Such factors also determine your safety. A door improperly installed and selecting the wrong garage door opener could lead to accidents. One more thing: today garage doors come out in many options since they cover other needs too. Let’s say the proper insulation of your house or goods in your factory. So, let us start over: how to select the right garage door? Let’s make a short list.

Choose the material

garagedoorsserviceOne advice: the secret of successful garage door installation is picking the right products from the very start. So don’t go buying wood doors, if you want maintenance-free doors. Actually you have lots to consider before you choose the material: style, the architecture of the property, maintenance needs, cost, strengths, local weather – and all these combined.

So you might not mind to maintain the door but if the weather is humid, wood garage doors will make your life a tad difficult. Of course, wood options are fantastic!

Other options?

  •  Aluminum garage doors hardly need maintenance, are light weight, but dent easy and are not very durable.
  •  If you want a sturdy door, get a steel one.
  • You can also get a glass door. And that’s a great idea unless you have children playing right in front of your overhead door.

Which type do you need?

The type of the door doesn’t have to do with style as much as it has to do with the way it opens. This is a major technical detail and requires accurate measurement of the garage space. If not, you may end up with the wrong door. Your choices?

  •  Overhead door – sectional doors are hinged and are the most popular option for either commercial or residential properties. They occupy less space but have more parts.
  •  Rollups – there are still variations among them based on application. But as an overall, they open upwards and roll in a barrel. They leave a rather big opening and are practical too. They are more popular in commercial properties.
  •  One-piece doors – they are the least practical since they need space in front of the garage. They are also called up-and-over doors since they move outwards and then upwards and then backwards.
How about extra garage door accessories

Do you want garage door windows? That’s one main question to ask yourself. Other accessories include the hardware, like the handles. Take a look of the tamper-resistant brackets too. They will enhance safety.

What else to keep in mind
  •  Insulated or not? If the garage is attached to your home or must provide the right indoor temperatures to protect your company’s goods, go for insulated doors.
  • Opener choices. Pay attention to the motor. It must be strong enough for the door’s weight. The latest DC motors are quieter and better in terms of technology.
  • Spring options. Whether torsion or extension springs, make sure they are the right ones for the door’s weight.