Hurricane Garage Doors

Hurricane resistant garage doors play a critical role in the condition of the entire property. When they are properly reinforced, the doors withstand wind impact and protect properties from getting damaged. If you need hurricane garage doors in Houston, TX, our company can provide options that will comply with the local building codes. You will still have choices between materials, types, styles, and designs. But the important thing is that you can get a reinforced garage door that will protect you should the need arises.

Hurricane Garage Doors

We sell hurricane garage doors that comply with the Houston building codes

Houston and the entire state of Texas is a hurricane hot spot. And that’s why it’s necessary for you to have a wind load garage door. These doors are wind-rated and tested so that they will withstand high winds and thus prevent internal pressure to buildup causing the roof and walls to blow out. Since each hurricane-prone region has similar but different building codes, let us assure you that Garage Door Service and Repair Inc will provide you with wind load doors that will adhere to the local standards.

Impact rated garage doors are tested and approved for their capacity to provide resistance. So if you are thinking of retrofitting the existing door, it should be checked and some of its parts might need to be replaced with new ones that will reinforce its impact resistance. Call GDS Repair now.

We send experienced pros for hurricane garage door installation

If you decide to proceed with a new hurricane garage door installation, we will send a pro to explain the process, tell you all you need to know about impact doors, and provide you with a free estimate. The installation is performed by qualified pros that have experience in installing wind load doors.


Be prepared for the worse. Call us now for hurricane garage door service

Call us for hurricane garage door repair too. If any of the parts is not in tip top condition, it must be fixed at once. Broken parts must be replaced quickly and any problem with either the opener or panel must be repaired fast as well.

Apart from repairs, you should also contact us for hurricane garage door maintenance. Since you need to be prepared for hurricanes or high winds, your door must be in excellent shape at all times. This will also help you use the door daily free of hassles and problems. But most importantly, regular services will ensure that the door will protect you if a hurricane strikes in the area. Contact us now for any questions or services for your Houston hurricane garage doors.