Garage door springs are one of, if not the most, vital parts of your garage door’s operation. They keep your door balanced and in place and allow for easy movement. If you’re dealing with a malfunctioning garage door with unusual movements or your garage door suddenly breaks off, it might be due to a problem with the springs. Before you can start thinking about the next steps, it’s essential to take time to dispel any preconceived notions you may have about garage door spring repair and replacement. Keep reading to dispel some myths about this garage door service. 

4 Garage Door Spring Repair And Replacement Myths & Facts

Taking time to learn the truth behind some common garage door spring repair and replacement myths will give you the clarity you need to solve your garage door problem. Here are four facts to clarify any misconceptions about garage door spring repair and replacement: 

1. MYTH: All garage door springs are the same. 

FACT: You might assume that any garage door springs will suffice when finding the right replacement. In reality, spring systems vary with every garage door. The two main categories are extension and torsion springs

There are also sub-types of these two springs. Among the extension springs, you can choose from the open-looped, double-looped, and clipped varieties. As for garage doors running on torsion springs, the candidates are standard, early-set, steel-rolling, and torque-master torsion springs. Knowing which kind of spring system your garage door uses will make it easier to service it. 

garage door spring repair and replacement

2. MYTH: You can still safely use a malfunctioning garage door. 

FACT: Attempting to use your garage door with malfunctioning springs can be a recipe for disaster. If the springs are broken, you risk injury or damage to your vehicle. While you could disconnect your garage door opener and manually operate your garage door, you should only do this if your garage door was closed when the spring break happened. Because of the danger posed by a garage door with misaligned or broken springs, you want to have it addressed sooner rather than later. 

3. MYTH: There is no way to tell if you need garage door spring repair and replacement services. 

FACT: If you were caught off-guard by your spring-related garage door predicament, it might be because you weren’t aware of the signs indicating potential problems. Knowing the symptoms of potentially problematic garage door springs will allow you to act before the worst happens. These signs include unusual noises during operation, a lopsided-looking door, and rust on the springs, among others. 

4. MYTH: Garage door spring repair and replacement are DIY-friendly procedures. 

FACT: Finally, it’s understandable to assume that you will save money and time by taking a DIY approach to your garage door spring repair and replacement. However, experts strongly discourage doing your own spring repairs or replacements if you don’t have the experience or proper equipment. Garage doors are very heavy, so you can easily hurt yourself and others or damage your property. As a result, you will have to spend more money to address injuries and/or damages and to have a garage door technician correct your mistakes. For this reason, you will ultimately save time and money by hiring a professional garage door technician right away. 

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