There are some great garage door makeover ideas, if you want to smooth out the wrinkles that come with age. Let’s face it. Wear and tear takes its toll. The temperature fluctuations, the weather, and the daily cycles all leave their mark. Some garage door repairs and maintenance will do the trick for years. But there comes a moment when the garage door gets old and you need to make a very hard decision: replace it or not. And here we are going to pinpoint the main factors, which will shape your decision, but also the pros and cons of garage door replacement and makeover.

Garage door replacement vs. Makeover: how to decide

Should you find a garage door replacement or settle for a makeover? It’s a big dilemma. Garage doors usually give the answer. Let me explain. There’s no denying that some makeover ideas stem from a personal desire to change the garage door style or color. In other words, for aesthetic reasons. And when it comes to that, there is no doubt at all. This is the best you can do to refresh the garage door design and thus the curb appeal of your home. But things are different when the garage door is pretty damaged. Some problems are fixed with garage door repair, some are not worthy of the expense. Take for example wood garage doors. If they are warped or rotten, they are not worthy of any makeover. They should be replaced.

The pros & cons of having the existing garage door replaced

The cost of garage door installation projects is not low. That’s the maingarage-door-installation downside of having the garage door replaced. You need to calculate the garage door price and the labor fees – this is not a DIY job. And when you decide to get a new garage door, you’ll most likely have to get new parts too. You will most likely want to get a wind load and energy efficient garage door. Such things increase the price.

On the other hand, that’s the beauty of getting a new garage door. If you live in a hurricane-prone area, wouldn’t you want to invest in a wind load garage door? It’s a matter of safety. And here’s the good news with this decision. After years of putting up with the disadvantages of the old garage door, you have the chance to make a choice about the insulation, durability, color, material, and design. And you’ll adhere to the local building codes. And all that is great.

The pros & cons of garage door makeover

Makeovers are nothing more than covering the ugly elements of the existing garage door and refreshing its looks. And that’s absolutely fine if there’s nothing wrong with it. That’s okay if its small problems can be fixed. There’s nothing garage door maintenance cannot take care of as long as there is no severe damage. In this case, this is a good decision. It gives you the opportunity to refinish the garage door and not only enjoy a new color, but also a new style. After all, there are ways to transform a simple style into a carriage house garage door. On top of that, you solve the problem with the fading or chipping finish. You change out the hardware, make a steel garage door look like a wooden one, and rejuvenate the home exterior without paying a high price.

But don’t forget that underneath the fresh look, there’s still an old garage door with all the negative aspects old age brings. And that’s the main shortcoming of settling for makeovers. It’s great for as long as the garage door is in good condition and will be a way to refresh the looks of your curb appeal for as long as there are no serious problems. But it’s still a small expense and won’t be worth the hassle and your money if you plan to have the garage door replaced in a short period of time.