Converting two garage doors to one is hardly an easy job and also has its pros and cons. So whenever customers make such requests, we feel obliged to inform them about everything related to this project. Above all, we need to make sure the garage door conversion can be done without compromising the structure’s stability. To make a point of the difficulty of this service, let us take you through a job we did.


What the customer requested from our garage door company

A customer asked us to convert their two single residential garage doors tobefore one. These were average 8′ x 7′ size doors in a garage that measured over 22 feet. As the customer explained, he had been having trouble getting his truck in without scratching the wing mirrors. At that point, the family owned three cars and always had a difficult time fitting them all in the garage. Although there was space for all, the two overhead doors made it difficult. So what he wanted was to install a new double overhead garage door that will make their life a lot easier.


What preceded garage door conversion

Just like we do with any garage door replacement project, we sent a tech over to check the site and discuss with the customer. Our intention apart from checking the garage and offering garage door prices is to inform the client. We had to examine whether or not there was living space above the garage, if the space was used for other purposes than simply parking the cars, and whether or not getting insulated garage doors was important to the family. Providing assessments and advice in conjunction with a local builder is of the essence when it comes to such conversions.


The main difficulties when converting two garage doors to one

Since sustaining the stability of the structure is always of the essence, liaising with the local authorities and obtaining permits was necessary. Such garage door installation projects require good preparation but also attention during the service. The two single garage doors were separated by a brick wall, which had to be removed to fit the large door. So we had to support the structure with acrow props. Such equipment provided the support needed in order for us to safely remove the brick pier but also the existing lintels.

The next step included putting the new lintel in place and installing the new sectional door. The good news was that we didn’t have to work on the floor too much. We had to level it a bit and created a small slope so that the rain won’t come in while making sure the door closed firmly on the floor. That’s also important so that the door would close well by making only the regular garage door opener adjustments. Speaking of the opener, we didn’t have to replace it. But the new door was installed with a new torsion spring.


The testimonial of our garage door service company’s client

We were happy with the outcome of the job but most importantly, the customer was happy with the service of our garage door repair company. He told us that he appreciated everything from the information provided beforehand and all the attention given by everyone on the team to the proper garage door conversion.

Single to double garage door conversions are difficult projects and demand the good collaboration of builders, garage door experts, and authorities. We were happy to succeed in one more job which was done in accordance with all local building regulations for the safety of our customer.