There is nothing quite like the feeling of relief you experience after having your garage door repaired and serviced. Now you can maintain your garage door with a clean slate and no worries. Part of that maintenance, of course, involves ensuring the safety and security capabilities of your commercial garage door are up to par. The question is, what are the best post-repair practices for guaranteeing commercial garage door security?

Commercial Garage Door Security: 4 Post-Repair Best Practices

The only way to avoid spending money on repeat services for your commercial garage door is to implement maintenance practices to enhance safety and security. Here are just four of the best practices for keeping your commercial garage door safe and functional after getting it serviced:

1. Install A Heavy-Duty Bottom Bar

Large commercial garage doors interact with heavy machineries, such as forklifts, on a fairly regular basis. In fact, most damages to commercial doors are inflicted by forklifts. That is why preventing further forklift damage in the future is paramount. For this reason, you will want to invest in and install a heavy-duty bottom bar for your commercial garage door.

This feature is durable and balances out force from forklifts and other heavy machinery. As a result, you can save money on future repairs. As for commercial garage door security, reducing damages will protect the door from intruders and natural elements.

2. Use Automatic And/Or Smart Openers

A manually operated commercial garage door is a safety hazard to property and workers and a security risk. This presence of this risk is a result of manual systems being easy to manipulate. That is why you should upgrade your operating system to an automatic and/or smart garage door opener. Workers are less likely to risk injury with an automatic and motorized commercial garage door opener. Going the extra mile by upgrading to a smart garage door opener will ensure that only authorized parties can access your commercial garage door and its contents.

3. Perform Inspections

The best way to ensure that your commercial garage door security remains in excellent shape is to take time to inspect it. More specifically, look out for any signs of dents, gaps, and cracks on the door and wear, tear, and debris building up on the moving parts. With these inspections, you can tackle any commercial garage door security and safety issues before they get worse.

4. Invest In Padlocks And Window Covers

Finally, there are two very easy strategies to boost your commercial garage door security: window covers and padlocks. To deter any attempts by potential intruders to canvas the inside of your commercial garage door, invest in covers for the windows to discourage prying eyes. While smart openers make a difference in controlling access to your commercial garage door, using a padlock to keep it closed is still a good extra layer of protection to implement.

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Our Technicians Are Here To Help With Your Commercial Garage Door Security Needs!

You have just read about four of the best post-repair practices to ensure commercial garage door security. Hopefully, you will start implementing them as soon as possible to reduce future repair costs and keep your property safe. There are plenty of other ways to go about keeping your garage door secure.

These methods include installing an alarm system or even fully upgrading the door. If you find yourself in need of commercial garage door repair services, reach out to our Garage Door Services and Repair team in Houston. Our experienced garage door technicians will be there to ensure your commercial garage door is in the best working condition possible, so contact us today.