Garage door repair services are indispensable for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you are responsible for a large parking garage, a storage facility, or another business, commercial garage door repair services are essential to keeping your workplace secure and functional. Of course, you have probably heard more about residential garage door repair services and how they benefit your home. As a result, you probably have more questions regarding commercial garage door repair services.

4 FAQs About Commercial Garage Door Repair Services

If you’ve ever had questions about commercial garage door repair services, you’re in luck. By continuing to read this blog, you can find the answers to four frequently asked questions about this service offered by many skilled garage door technicians.

1. What kinds of garage doors receive commercial garage door repair services?

Commercial properties don’t usually use the same kind of garage doors found in residential ones. Five of the most common types of garage doors found in commercial settings are roll-up, aluminum glass, ribbed steel, fire-rated, and wind-rated garage doors. These commercial garage doors are used in a variety of different non-residential properties, from mechanic and repair shops to fire departments and more. There are many other kinds of commercial garage doors that receive repair services. Even if your commercial property doesn’t use any of the five varieties listed, our Garage Door Services and Repair technicians will still be able to help.

2. What are some of the most commonly used commercial garage door repair services?

Spring and cable repair services are in just as much demand for commercial garage doors as they are for residential ones. Most commercial garage doors utilize torsion springs and cables, specifically square wire and galvanized wire torsion springs. The former is used for roll-up doors and/or commercial garages with limited space, while the latter is more common for large commercial garage doors due to their durability and strength. Your garage door springs and cables will need repairs if they are visibly fraying, snapped, uneven, loose, or need lubrication. To ensure the longevity of these parts, ensure that your commercial garage door is balanced, and make time twice a year to clean and lubricate the springs and cables.

3. Do garage door technicians use any specialized tools for commercial garage door repairs?

Garage door technicians use quite a few specific tools for repairs and maintenance. A winding bar, screwdriver set, pliers, wrenches, and a drill are the main pieces of equipment used for repairing a commercial garage door. For example, the winding bars and pliers are vital for spring and cable issues. The screwdriver set and wrenches are great for a variety of repair and maintenance tasks, from tightening hardware to spring and roller adjustments. Of course, these are only a few tools technicians rely on to successfully service a garage door.

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4. How do these services impact commercial property value?

Care for your commercial garage door can also impact property value in the same way repairing and maintaining a residential garage door does. In fact, repairs and upgrades to commercial garage doors can result in an 81% ROI and boost commercial property value by $35,000. If you plan to sell your commercial property in the future, taking advantage of maintenance and repair services will ensure a good price on the market.

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