When your single garage doors are damaged or too small to fit the car, you might consider their conversion to one double door. Whatever your reasons for converting 2 garage doors to 1 are, you should remember that this project requires good knowledge and extra caution. Our company has converted many one-car garage doors to one single one and is here to teach you the basics of this task.


Step 1: Check the stability of the garage


before- 2 garage door into 1


2 garage doors to 1 conversion is often the best choice when the existing doors are damaged to the point that they cannot be used. Or they are not safe for you to use them. One of the most important things is to be sure the structure of the garage is not compromised too and thus the two single garage doors can be transformed into one to provide greater convenience without jeopardizing anyone’s safety.


Step 2: Provide support 

before- 2 garage door to 1 conversion


Side by side single garage doors are separated by a pillar, which must be removed in order for a double door to fit. Even if the existing garage doors are in excellent condition, it’s vital to secure the structure in order to remove the central pier without risking the stability of the structure.


Step 3: Remove the existing single garage doors



What you need to do first is to remove the existing garage doors. To do that with safety, you need to release the tension of the torsion spring first. This is possible with the use of winding bars, which are placed in the winding cone of the torsion spring. You need to hold the bar to loosen the setscrews and then use another bar to loosen the spring by turning it ¼ each time. You are going to use the two bars alternatively, one will hold the winding cone steady and the other will turn the cone. Once the spring tension is released, disconnect the opener and then remove the panels by starting with the top one. Lastly, remove the tracks and the opener.


Step 4: Remove the central pillar and install a support beam

2 garage doors to 1 conversion houston-during


Now, it’s time to remove the central pier and install the support lintel. This is the horizontal support which will run across the top of the garage door. You need to measure the distance of the opening to install the right size support beam. This is often called reinforced steel joist (RSJ) and is one of the most important components during garage door conversions since it provides the support needed for the roof or brick work.


Step 5: Install the right garage door size



Before you order a double garage door, you need to be sure of the size you choose. This is subject to the rough opening and height clearance. If the standard double garage door sizes are not suitable for you, you can always go custom.


Step 6: Get the right parts for the double garage door 



It’s critical to install the right garage door opener and spring too. Double garage doors are much heavier than single ones. You will most likely need a torsion spring and thus 12” header clearance. For the opener, pay attention to the horsepower of the motor if this is going to be an AC motorized power or get the equivalent DC motor.